Delta global

Procurement services

DELTA GLOBAL Ltd is a strong portfolio of company’ supplies energy sector with specialized materials and chemicals for processing, storing and refining of oil and gas:


Flow meters, Float level switched, Level Transmitters, Globe Valves, Level Gauging, Diaphragm valves, Ball valves, Sight Glasses, Ball Check valves, Butterfly valves , Gas Analyzers, vortex coolers etc.

Rotating Equipment

Process Pumps, Steam Turbine, Centrifugal Pumps, Metering Pumps, Chemical injection pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Chemical injection skids etc.


Terminal Boxes, Lighting, Flameproof enclosures, Gas detection, plugs & sockets, air circuit breakers, Earth leakage relays, Diesel Generators, All types of Motors, Transformers, PLC, Switch Gears, Generators etc


Baskets for air preheaters , Finned Tubes, Oil Mist Generators, Thermojet Oil Purifiers, LNG tankers, Boilers, Heaters, Gaskets, PLCs, Flanges, Demisters etc.

Process Equipment

Pressure Vessels, Column tower, Heat Exchanger, reactors


FCC, desulphurization, Hydro treating


EPC/Others: Power Generating Plants, Industrial & Pipeline services, Heavy oil Processing, LNG terminals etc.

Industrial chemical

Oilfield Chemicals, Plastic Industry Chemicals, Drilling Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Fiberglass Chemicals

Fire detection and suppression system

Service description goes here

Renewable Energy solutions

Solar thermal for district cooling & heating, Solar PV generating electricity, CSP Concentrated Solar for generating steam and electricity & Wind generating electricity.
DELTA is in position to provide & supply with different material such us:
  • -Piping & fitting in different material & grade
  • -Gasket & sealing check.
  • -Valves (Ball, Gate, etc.).
  • -Insulations.
In according to international standard & specification requirement such as API, ESMI, ASTM & B.S