Delta International


From processing to pipeline, engineering to operations, DELTA has proven industry experience to help manage the talent required to execute on your midstream assets. As a trusted advisor and emerging leader in the industry, we can help you tackle your operational challenges by improving your workforce.DELTA can provide the highest quality, business relevant programs that span all technical processes, and give management assurance that they have the skilled people they need to maximize asset value. It offer added value to employees via new, broad-reaching courses that fill gaps, and deliver the ability to perform and be able to prove it. DELTA has processes, tools, and people to create a holistic workforce development plan for your engineers, operators, and technicians. It offers industry approved course material delivered through instructor led training modules. with a strong and proven petroleum industry’s knowledge our experts will work with you to develop structured accelerated learning programs for your organization. 

DELTA is willing to provide broader, deeper and more flexible solutions in the development and assurance of competent personnel. DELTA has affiliations with leading Training & Development Services providers in the industry. It can offer broad range of professional courses tailored for petroleum industry professionals. Proceeding pages provide summarized details of wide range of some training courses which DELTA can offer to improve productivity of your organization by improving your professional workforce. Based on industry’s growing needs, DELTA can offer new courses or custom tailored solutions for your speicifc professional needs. 

DELTA offers training for 5-15 participants per training course in English Language. Training duration of our General Courses is between durations of 16, 26 and 39 weeks.