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  • Company Main Office: New Zenatah Street, Tripoli, Libya

About us

DELTA GLOBAL for Oilfield Technical Services is a construction, maintenance, man power supply and general service company to the Oil industry.

The company’s head office is situated in central Tripoli (Libya) giving it a opportunity to provide the highest standards in administration, communication, safety, project management services, logistics and legal issues.

Delta GLOBAL growth is the outcome of strict attention to market forces, quality assurance principles, excellent workmanship and optimum economy in the use of manpower, material and time. These fundamental strengths of the company enable it today, to handle state-of-the-art and multi-discipline engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance projects.

DELTA GLOBAL experiences equips the company to understand and respond positively to every aspect of its clients’ requirements. The Directors’ believe that these are the key attributes which both – established as well as potential clients’ value most highly; they are bedrock on which customer satisfaction is founded.

To assure a smooth and well organized operation we work with the best IT and communication equipment available and comply with the highest safety standards. Through our expertise and our experience in the oilfield and construction service we have established a thorough knowledge of the Libyan market.

Delta global Services Department

Our expertise ranges from all related spare parts and capital equipment for the exploration & production sector, to maintenance and commissioning in the gas compression sector.

We have established dependable relationships with End Users, Operators and Service companies in which we support their daily operations at multiple levels worldwide.

Our company, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, likes to characterize itself as an organization that offers special attention to every requirement that our customers have. We know the business and we adapt to it.

We source for alternatives in case the price or delivery does not meet our customer’s requirements.

All this while maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the process.

Procurement services

Delta global delivers expert product and equipment procurement services with a focus on providing complete support to EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects; specializing in the selection, qualification and monitoring of your procurement needs.

From start to finish, Delta global will manage every facet of the process of meeting your project requirements, alleviating the stress of coordination, fulfillment, warehousing and delivery.